Carefully designed
swimwear for
mature women

we all deserve to feel and look fabulous in swimwear

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We all deserve to look fabulous in swimwear

now…for a sneak peak!

Kailani Pearl


Kailani Pearl


Kailani Pearl


No matter your age, no matter your shape…

Ladies – we all deserve to feel and look fabulous in swimwear, right? YES! No matter our age, our shape, our bits that we like to keep hidden – we are all beautiful and we should feel confident enough to be out there on the beach, beside the pool

So at Kailani Pearl Swim we’ve listened… and we’ve created! And we believe our gorgeous range of quality swimwear is going to solve many of our common pain points. And something else – our swimsuits are made from ethical regenerated fabric derived from ocean waste!

Feel confident, being you.

You can hit the beach or the pool feeling confident, feeling supported and looking fab in your carefully designed swimsuit. And that’s not all – we have also thought of accessories too, such as the simple but gorgeous tie skirt, or the velcro wrap skirt, both of which can be thrown on before even standing up. And then there’s the simple free-flowing kimono to keep those shoulders covered for an impromptu walk along the beach.

Kailani Pearl

tie front top

Kailani Pearl

Tankini top

Kailani Pearl

Wrap skirt

Kailani Pearl

Boy leg pants

We’re more than just a swimsuit brand.

After conducting extensive research it seems there actually is a very REAL problem that women with a ‘mature figure’ struggle with – and that is finding swimwear suitable for both age and body shape.

We don’t want to be strutting our stuff in a thong bikini, or in an unsupported swimsuit. Women are generally ok with exposing their top half in their swimsuit – as long as everything is well supported, the bits we want tucked away, are indeed tucked away without the potential to flop out at the most inconvenient and embarrassing moment.

However … women do not like flaunting their lower half and will go to great lengths to have their tummy, butt and thighs covered, hence the revolution of the sarong! We’ve gone a step further and designed 2 simple but lovely quick to put on, and easy to wear, skirts and a mid-length free-flowing kimono.

I’m speaking from experience.

Because I’ve been there… the mature woman with the mature body, wanting a swimsuit that I feel great in, and still looks fun. I love colour and bold bright patterns too, they make me happy. And we can’t ever have too much happiness in our lives, right?