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Care Guide

We love our swimwear and we go to great lengths to ensure the highest quality garment is shipped to our customers. But we also want you to love your swimwear too, for as long as possible.

To ensure your swimwear’s longevity we have provided you with a ‘care guide’ to help keep your swimwear in fab condition.


Here below are a list of Do’s and Do Not’s and hope you find it helpful.


  • Rinse thoroughly in cold water to remove all chlorine and saltwater
  • Do not leave in the sun
  • Hand wash in cold soapy water
  • Do not spin dry. Drip-dry your swimwear by hanging over the line. No squeezing
  • Please do not use a dryer. Drip-dry your swimwear by hanging over the line
  • Ensure all sand is well rinsed out as this can lead to rapid deterioration of the fabric of your swimwear
  • Please store your swimwear in a dry place
  • Be careful around rough surfaces, which can cause pilling in the fabric
  • Avoid getting sunscreen on your swimwear as this can discolour the fabric
  • Do not pack your swimwear away while wet, or damp
  • Whilst the best possible dyes have been selected for our swimwear, the fastness of some shades must be treated with caution. Particular care with contrasting colours in the one garment

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