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Kailani Pearl

we all deserve to feel and look fabulous in swimwear

Hello and welcome to Kailani Pearl Swim, we’re so glad you’ve stopped by to have a wee peek.

Kailani Pearl Swim is a new swimwear brand, born literally out of frustration…my own frustration!

As a mature 60’ something year old woman, I love to swim, lay on the beach and lounge around by a pool. Problem with that for me was…I could not find great swimwear to do all that.  I’m talking about swimwear where I felt confident, that hid away all my not-so-great parts (trust me there’s plenty!), looked gorgeous and made me feel fabulous. And swimwear I could easily get in and out of too…nothing worse than trying to fight with a wet lycra swimsuit, right!

So, I listened to my own personal pain points,sought research from loads of well trusted friends and then complete strangers and surprise surprise an overwhelmingly high number gave the same response “I hear you Denise”.

It was at that moment I decided enough is enough and I decided to do something to fix this gap in the market.  I started creating and designing – and the  ideas were literally flowing and I could not stop.  I collaborated with fabulous experts in the field who offered loads of advice. I designed a range, connected with a design graduate who sketched and made my first samples.

I sourced the awesome ECONYL fabrics that I had read about and was a fabric route I really wanted to walk down, I poured over literally millions of fabric designs and colours, found a perfect manufacturing partner in Bali that I really connected with, and from there commenced creating my first swimwear range.   

I’m super excited about the creation of Kailani Pearl Swim and I can’t wait to share my designs, my prints and colour combos with you so that you too can not only feel fabulous, but look fabulous too.

Denise x

Active Qstom

We are proud to be partnered with Active Qstom, a small family owned and run swimwear manufacturing company in Bali, who manufacture all our Kailani Pearl Swim garments.

Founder Ita, created Active Qstom over 10 years ago, starting from small and humble beginnings by trading her own “white label” swimwear in traditional markets around Indonesia. This small market business very quickly evolved into supplying custom swimwear manufacturing for local designers throughout Indonesia and before too long Ita’s company became recognised offshore. She now prides herself on being behind the manufacture of several famous and successful global swimwear brands, with a highly regarded reputation in the swimwear manufacturing industry.

Active Qstom are a licensed agent for Italian sustainable fabric Carvico Vita, made with ECONYL, recycled ocean waste – fabric that we here at Kailani Pearl Swim are extremely excited to be using for our own swimsuits.

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